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Our used SUV's: Space that fits your family, prices that fit your budget

At Kyners Auto Sales, we know how tough it can be to find the right SUV for your family. A lot of new SUVs aren't all that comfortable and aren't terribly fuel-efficient. Even more of a concern: The prices for a lot of brand-new SUVs aren't a good match for family budgets. That's why we're so excited about offering used SUVs for sale at Kyners Auto Sales in Chambersburg PA. Let's talk about a few examples.

Our used SUVs

While our used SUVs sell quickly and change frequently, we work hard to provide a remarkable variety of high-quality used SUVs from some of the best-known automotive brands in the country. It's something we like to do for our neighbors in nearby communities like Hagerstown MD. Some prime examples:

"Why buy a used SUV?" Reason #1: You save on the price

When you join the people who buy used SUVs instead of paying for a new one, you're probably going to save thousands - and maybe many thousands. People pay a lot to drive a brand-new SUV off the dealer's lot. But the moment they do, that SUV drops in value. When you buy one of our used models, the price is already discounted so it's a lot more affordable. You wouldn't mind having a few extra thousand dollars in your pocket, would you?

"Why buy a used SUV?" Reason #2: You save on the cost of insurance

Because the selling price of a used SUV is quite a bit lower than a new SUV, that vehicle costs a lot less to insure. That's very good news for you. Since your total annual insurance premium is reduced, so are your monthly insurance payments. So when it's all said and done, a good used Nissan Rogue or Hyundai Santa Fe from us can leave more money in your bank account instead of putting more money in some car dealer's bank account.

"Why buy a used SUV?" Reason #3: You can save on gasoline costs

While some car makers have been busy cranking out gas-guzzling SUVs based on historically low gas prices, many car makers have been building fuel-efficient SUVs for years. A used Kia Sportage can give you up to 30 MPG on the highway. A used Jeep Cherokee gives you off-road capability and up to 29 MPG on the highway. A used fuel-efficient SUV saves you money on the initial price and keeps saving you money with every mile you drive.

"Why buy a used SUV?" Reason #4: Quality can be high while prices are low

When you look over the many SUVs we offer, you'll see some of the most trusted automotive brands in America. Besides those we've mentioned, you'll typically see high quality SUV's from names like BMW, Land Rover, Audi, Cadillac and Lincoln. When you can get an attractive, well-built SUV from brands like those - and pay a deeply-discounted pre-owned price - you're miles ahead compared to the high cost of buying a brand-new SUV.

"Why buy a used SUV?" Reason #5: Because millionaires do

Did you know that millionaires are more likely to buy a used vehicle than a brand-new one? Successful people understand that it just makes sense to bypass that new-vehicle depreciation and get a quality used SUV that's still in the prime of life. We offer a wide range of used SUV's from economy brands to luxury car makers like Lexus, Acura and Mercedes-Benz. Discover all the value in a used SUV from Kyners Auto Sales in Chambersburg PA.

High-Quality Pre-Owned SUVs for Sale at Kyners Auto Sales

If you are in the market for a reliable, family-friendly SUV without the price tag of a brand-new model, our team at Kyners Auto Sales is here to help. Our expansive used inventory is among the widest and most diverse in the Chambersburg area, featuring recent-year used SUVs from over 20 automakers at competitive rates. our team will help you find the perfect pre-owned SUV for your Pennsylvania commute. Stop by today for a closer look at our lineup!

Used SUVs for All Preferences at Kyners Auto Sales

Whether you are targeting one of our popular used Ford models or an outdoor-ready used Jeep vehicle, we have options for everyone at Kyners Auto Sales. Our current selection of used SUVs includes options from the following automakers:

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