Here at Kyner's Auto Sales, we believe that a well-informed car owner is one that will take great care of their car. Most people know that they need to take their car for check-ups that assess the internal workings of the car, but a truly informed owner knows that the interior driving space requires special care as well. Unpleasant car odors are a common problem that can be easily treated.

The first line of defense is to keep on top of the causes of odor. One main cause of car odor is food smells. Eating in the car is fine, but empty bags, cups, and other food items should be removed from the car right away. If coffee is spilled, it should be soaked up immediately then shampooed out later.

If you have kids, then vomit, urine, and spilled beverages are often a cause of odor. In addition to giving the interior a shampooing, boxes of baking soda tucked away in the car can help absorb these odors. Come see us for helpful service to your car.



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