Traveling Safely With Children: LATCH 101

We here at Kyner's Auto Sales, Inc. want to share the latest info with you about child seat attachment hardware and vehicle safety. We hope you'll bear the following in mind when selecting your next vehicle. We've got kids, too, so we're excited to bring you these new developments.

An Intro to LATCH

LATCH stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children. It's the system of hardware that lets you securely attach your child's seat in your car or SUV. Well-designed, sturdy LATCH contributes to a vehicle's overall crashworthiness and safety ratings. According to IIHS research, you're more likely to install child restraints correctly when you use LATCH. Sometimes LATCH is difficult to use, and every assortment of LATCH seems different. The IIHS has a new LATCH ratings program. The program hopes to encourage the manufacture of LATCH hardware conforming to IIHS ease-of-use criteria.

LATCH Ratings in a Nutshell

Latch ratings criteria include accessibility, ease of use and clearance angles. Location and the presence of confusing hardware near LATCH also come into play. The ratings fall into four categories: Good, Acceptable, Marginal and Poor. These new ratings may result in new, more universal LATCH hardware that increases safety and accessibility of child seat attachment hardware, resulting in enhanced crashworthiness and overall safety as you cruise through town with your bundles of joy.



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