What You Should Know About a Blind Spot Monitor

Many newer vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge safety and driver assist features that help keep you and your passengers protected when you're driving around Chambersburg. At Kyners Auto Sales, we want you to be an informed vehicle owner, so here is some useful information about a blind spot monitor.

A blind spot monitor uses technologies that include sensors, cameras, and/or radars to keep an eye on your blind spot zones. When a vehicle is approaching your blind spots, this feature will send you auditory and/or visual warnings. Blind spot monitors are sometimes standard in higher trims and available with mid-level and base models.

If you have a blind spot monitor equipped with your vehicle, it can help reduce lane-change crashes. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety reported that driver-assist features, such as a blind spot monitor, can reduce injuries and fatalities that are caused by lane-change accidents and cut down on total collisions by 11 percent.


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