Understanding Why Your Car Engine Overheats

One of the most frustrating and potentially expensive problems you can have with your car is engine overheating. There are some common causes of this major engine issue. In addition, there is an easy course you can follow to significantly lessen the chance that you experience engine overheating.

The most common reason why a car engine overheats is a problem with coolant. This occurs in one of two ways. First, the coolant level may fall too low and now properly cool an engine. Second, coolant oftentimes gets blended with water. An improper solution can also result in an engine overheating.

The course to take to prevent engine overheating in the first instance is to maintain a proper service schedule for your car. The manufacturer recommended a service schedule when you purchased your car. The team at Kyners Auto Sales in Chambersburg, PA stands ready to provide you the service you need for your car.

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