Belt and Hose Maintenance

The timing belt has teeth that connect with a sprocket to regulate the timing of the engine's pistons and valves. Hoses and steel tubing enable brake fluid, coolant and gas to travel where they need to go to power the engine and other vehicle components. Over the life of a vehicle, belts and hoses may crack, leak or rust and require replacing.

The teeth on timing belts may wear, the belt may fray. The engine then backfires or stops completely. The large serpentine belt powers send power from the crankshaft to various engine accessories. The belt requires replacement when breakage, cracking, splitting or slipping occur. Otherwise, the engine may overheat and suffer damage. Drivers may also lose steering ability and the battery stops charging. The coolant hose replacement indications include brittle or soft spots, cracking or splitting.

Owners save themselves time and money by adhering to the maintenance recommendations of their vehicle's manual. Consult with one of our Chambersburg, PA Kyners Auto Sales technicians in the event of belt or hose problems.

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