The Key Differences Between Powertrain and Bumper-to-Bumper Warranties

Almost every new vehicle that you purchase, or lease, will come with some kind of warranty. At Kyners Auto Sales in Chambersburg, PA, we have provided you with info to help you understand car warranties. The two most common types of warranties are powertrain warranties and bumper-to-bumper warranties. Both offer guarantees on the car, but they differ in what parts of the car they cover.

The powertrain warranty is often called a limited warranty. This kind of warranty only covers major parts of the car, such as the engine and transmission system. It may also cover differentials, driveshafts, and velocity joints. Think of the powertrain warranty as a warranty that includes only the parts of the car that make it able to move.

The bumper-to-bumper warranty is known as a comprehensive or full warranty. It will cover the engine and other critical parts of the vehicle. In addition, this warranty will include things such as the air conditioning system, suspension, electronics, and more. This kind of warranty is less common, but it covers a lot more parts of the vehicle. The actual bumpers and interior trim will be excluded though.

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