Do You Know the Move Over Laws?

At Kyner's Auto Sales, we empower drivers by sharing knowledge. Today, we want to inform you about Move Over Laws. Following these important laws saves lives.

Though a recent survey showed that most American drivers are unaware of these laws, every highway in our nation is governed by its state's Move Over Law. Specific language varies, but each state expects you to move over before you pass a traffic stop or an accident scene. Of course, you sometimes cannot find space to merge. In such a situation, you must significantly decrease your speed.

Basically, Move Over Laws make everyone on the road safer. Specifically, state troopers' lives are in our hands during every moment of a traffic stop. We owe them our obedience to Move Over Laws. To aid with compliance, fines apply in every jurisdiction. Harsher penalties apply when warranted. Always research traffic laws before you drive in new states.



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