Let's Learn About Brake Fluid

In order to keep your vehicle running properly, it should be maintained with routine services that include a brake fluid change. Your vehicle needs brake fluid because it helps the braking system function. If your vehicle doesn't have brake fluid, you won't be able to stop the vehicle when you apply pressure to the brake pedal. At Kyners Auto Sales in Chambersburg, PA, we want your vehicle to be in optimal condition, which is why we have included some useful information about brake fluid below.

There are two variations of brake fluid. Silicon-based brake fluids are used in vehicles that don't have Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS). If your vehicle comes equipped with ABS technology, it will probably need a glycol-based brake fluid. While most vehicles need a brake fluid change every few years, it is advised to reference your owner's manual or contact one of our service mechanics.

Schedule an appointment at our service center next time you need a brake fluid change or any other routine maintenance service.

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