When to Replace Your Window Wiper Blades

Whether you are driving to work or to your friend's house, it is always important to be able to see the road ahead. When it is raining, your windshield wipers help you to do just that.

However, in order to maintain the efficacy of your windshield wipers, you must ensure that they are always in good working order. Over time, a combination of oxidation and sun damage will cause the blades on your wipers to break down and stop working. When you notice that your wipers are leaving large streaks or missing spots of water, it is time to replace the blades.

The skilled technicians here at Kyner's Atuo Sales are well-equipped to handle your windshield wiper blade replacement, as well as any other vehicle maintenance work you may need. Stop by our service center in Chambersburg today to see how we can help you to keep your car in top condition.



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