Drive Reliably by Understanding Gaskets

People care about safe, reliable driving. Unfortunately, many don’t understand how important gaskets are to make this possible. Today, we’re going to take a look at what these mysterious objects are, what they’re for and how to keep them healthy.

Gaskets are really just a seal, made of layers of metal (often copper or even better, steel), with a coating of rubber or something like it. They’re flexible and keep fluids and air where they belong.

Unsurprisingly, most vehicles have lots of these, but the most important ones are pretty simple on purpose. Oil pan gaskets keep oil in the pan while the crankshaft moves about. Intake and exhaust manifold gaskets keep the temperature in check and keep air where it belongs. Cylinder head gaskets are padding for the gap between cylinder heads and the engine block.

Spotting failure with these is also not difficult now that you know where to look for them. They’ll show signs of gaps appearing, they’ll be discolored or cracked, they’ll be less flexible, and buildup of deposits may appear around them. None of these are good things.

You can’t stop these from eventually happening, but you can make it take much longer by simple maintenance you should already be doing – watch for excessive engine temperatures, change your oil regularly, and frequently replace fluids like antifreeze, steering fluid or coolant.

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