How Getting a Full Tank of Gas Helps in Cold Driving Conditions?

Most drivers don't concern themselves with the gas tank in winter until the low fuel indicator comes on. These are a couple of benefits you might want to familiarize yourself with as the freezing temperatures arrive. More air and less gas in the tank can cause condensation to form. Those water droplets crystallize in freezing temperatures, which could clog the fuel line and starve the engine of needed fuel.

If you are constantly driving around with low fuel, trouble could happen if you get stranded in the middle of the night due to being stuck in the snow. Without the ability to keep the car running while you wait for a tow truck or passing driver, you could freeze without the heat. Keep the tank full just in case trouble happens unexpectedly while driving around on icy roads at night.

These cold weather tips from Kyners Auto Sales will make traveling around Chambersburg, PA this winter much safer.

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