Learn More About Mufflers & Exhausts

We here at Kyner's Auto Sales want to be sure that you are an informed car owner who can care for their vehicle by being able to recognize signs that it should be taken in for a service appointment. That is why we really want to teach you some of the basics surrounding your muffler and exhaust system.

Your muffler and exhaust system are in charge of expelling harmful gas fumes from your combustion engine away from you and your car as well as keeping this process to a reasonable sound level. There are many things to look for to decide if your should take your car in for servicing. First, rust is one of the biggest killers of mufflers and exhaust systems. Additionally, be on the lookout for frequent pools of liquid accumulating under the tail pipe of your car. This can be indicative of a bigger problem and be investigated by a trained professional promptly.



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