Gear Up for School by Setting Up a Carpool

School is right around the corner, and for many parents, that means a lot of miles are about to be put on their vehicles. Pick-ups, drop-offs, sports, music, friend's houses . . . kids are busy these days. To free up your time, you can set up a carpool.

A successful carpool is one that people actually stick to. Whether it's every day or just a few mornings or afternoons, brainstorm with a few other parents and come up with a practical plan. Make sure every driver has everyone else's phone numbers in case of emergency. Children should know the rules of riding, including buckling up, exiting safely, and only crossing the road at crosswalks.

Carpools are a great way to save time and take it easy on your car. To make sure everything is up to speed, schedule a service appointment at Kyners Auto Sales in Chambersburg, PA.

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