Learn How to Jump Start a Car Like a Professional

In order to jump-start a car quickly and easily, it is always a good idea to have safety goggles, gloves, and jumper cables in the trunk just in case. Move the two vehicles nose-to-nose, turn off the engine and shut the lights off on both cars. Open the hoods, make sure the batteries are close enough the cables can reach.

The red cable goes to positive on the good battery and then positive on the bad battery. The black cable goes to negative on the good battery and then any exposed metal you can find on the car with the bad battery. Crank the car over, wait a few minutes before trying to start the other car. Once running, remove all the cables in reverse order.

Once you can get your vehicle running again, be sure to follow up with our service staff at Kyners Auto Sales for a more in-depth look into what could be wrong with your car’s battery!

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