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$100 Gas Card with purchase

Bring coupon in and take a test drive and receive your $25 Gas Card. If you purchase a vehicle we will increase it to a $100 Gas Card.

Offer valid thru September 30, 2017.

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It means so much to us that our customers have such kind words to say about our Chambersburg, PA auto dealership. Because we base our business on serving you, it's very satisfying to know that our dedication to personal service means so much to our customers. Please read our testimonials and know that we look forward to providing you with the same friendly service when you visit our car dealership.

I was treated with respect and courtesy the minute I walked in the door.

I live in MD and the car had to pass the inspection. Mike (my salesman) made sure the car got inspected in MD and everything was ready to go before I bought it-saved me time taking it to get it inspected and the money to have the tint removed. I was really grateful for that.

Ryan Dubas

My hat is off to Kyner's I have not taken the time to sing a dealership's praises in YEARS! But I feel I was treated with respect & a great bit of service & some hospitality.

Jeff Corliss

We were treated very fairly, everyone was kind & friendly! No complaints.

(Kyner's) took my old car as a trade-in, so I didn't have to worry about selling it myself and we got our vehicle payments below what we wanted to spend.

Darla & Duane Fischer

We were impressed by the friendly staff and size of the service department. We didn't feel pressured.

John & Laura Riffle
We did not feel pressured or rushed to make a decision. When our bank let us down, the salesman was able to secure financing the next day. We love the vehicle. The price was good and we're already saving money on gas.
Mr. & Mrs. Lorne Rice, Smithsburg,MD
We were car shopping on a Saturday in the snow. We had been to many dealerships that day. By the time we got to Kyner's, I was cold & tired and decided to just drive through and look. Mike Hendrie approached our car, asked what we were looking for, and pulled a fwe vehicles into the service area inside. We looked at them, decided which to test drive and bought it! Most of the other dealers did not even come out to greet us while we were walking in their lots. Kudos to Mike Hendrie! He goes the extra mile.
Bob & Jeanna Vetter, Hagerstown, MD
Excellent! All staff members were personable and helpful.
Dodie Noel, Fayetteville, PA
I was very happy with not being pressured into a car that I did not want and was able to freely choose the car I wanted.
Shawn Robinson, Martinsburg, WV
Couldn't have been more comfortable or at ease.  Payments less than expected and (I was) treated like a king.
Danny Roach, Hagerstown, MD
After purchasing three vehicles and in a few months will be returning for a fourth, I'd say it's a great place to purchase a reliable vehicle!
Doug & Karen Bachota, Gettysburg, PA
I was treated as someone who was respected and who had a million dollars (so to speak)! Other dealers I went to blew me off because of my age and financial status. Shawn was able to get me approved with the down payment I could easily afford. This SUV is exactly half the payment of my old one. It's saving me TONS and I have a nicer vehicle.
Brandon Ward, Adamstown, MD
Very Pleased. The salesman was very straight forward with us. I told him how much I had to spend & he put us in a van.
Melanie Grams, Greencastle, PA
The sales staff make you feel very comfortable and have an awesome attitude. (My salesman) let me know what was going on every step of the way.
Tiffany Price, Fayetteville, PA
We were treated very courteously. (Our salesman) worked well with us and helped us see all the options and yet not push us into buying anything.
Benjamin Hege, Orrstown, PA
Although the staff is very professional they mixed that with their friendliness making me feel at ease.
Sherry Miller, Hagerstown, MD
Wonderful! Everyone was very caring and helped me find the best car for me with payments I could afford! After shopping around, I found that Kyner's has very reasonable prices and and are the most friendly people to deal with. I feel they take the time to deal with each customer and don't pressure you into anything.
Amy Wetzel, Waynesboro, PA
Everyone was extremely friendly and easy to talk to. We never felt pressured in any way to buy. Everyone we met or spoke to was always nice and tried to help us in any way they could. Lower price on better vehicles and (the) service deal is wonderful!
Jason Howe, Waynesboro, PA
I was very happy with my experience at Kyner's. This was my first vehicle purchase and everything was very easy and straight-forward. (Kyner's) made the process hassle-free. I looked at vehicles within 120 miles of my home. Kyner's had the best vehicle I could find for the price.
Elizabeth Feight, York, PA
I couldn't believe I was able to make the purchase of a practically new vehicle!
Geraldine Moats, Waynesboro, PA
Very pleased with the professionalism of your staff--very relaxed, experienced. First time for my daughter purchasing a car. The experience was excellent for her and she is very happy with her new car.
Laurie & Megan Haarer, Frederick, MD
From the time we arrived we were greeted and treated in a friendly, no pressure manner and given every courtesy throughout our entire purchase. I love the care after the sale: oil changes, tire rotations, pa inspections...
Keith Bowers, Chambersburg, PA
Our salesman did an excellent job at meeting our needs and getting the car ready quickly. He was friendly, took his time with us, didn't pressure us and made the whole experience painless.
Ron & Katrina Sugden, Chambersburg, PA
I had a dollar amount that I could not go beyond. The trade-in amount was greater than the KBB value so I got my new car within my limits and more out of my old car than expected.
Elizabeth Davis, McConnellsburg, PA
Your staff was very helpful and friendly. They answered all my questions and helped me find the car for me. They were also willing to work with me since I had no trade-in or down payment.
Adrienne Kesecker, Hancock, MD
Very pleasant--did not feel hurried or pressured to buy.
Betty Gochenour, Ortanna, PA
Very good feeling about the way business was handled--was treated very respectfully.
Joseph Snider, Chambersburg, PA
I bought my first car (at Kyners). I was only 17 but they still got a loan approved for me. The car was priced way below Kelly Blue Book value and they gave me double the value on my trade-in.
Lamar Miller, Chambersburg, PA
I felt that everyone took a real interest in me and wanted to know me. I did not have any problems or surprises.
Rob Simmons, Hanover, PA
I was very happy with the way the sales staff treated me: prompt, but not pushy. When I purchased my Yukon, the time that it took to work the entire deal was awesome.
Alex Chandler, Chambersburg, PA
Everything was great-outstanding staff! Not only did they help me with buying the truck, they also helped me find insurance to make the payments work for me.
Amanda Simmers, Greencastle, PA
I thought (Kyner's) was well-kept establishment and the staff was very nice and helped with all my questions.
Richard Henning
(I was) very satisfied. I asked for a CarFax and (Kyner's) printed one out immediately.
Jim Rodgers
Sales people are not pushy, they are friendly and very helpful.
Sandra DiSalvo
(I will) definately tell people about Kyner's and buy another car from Kyner's.
Shlya Gee
The sales people are not trying to push a car on you but they do help you and let you decide.
Shane Henry
After shopping for three weeks for my model truck, you gave me the best truck for the money-hands down. The salesman was great but the mechanic in the shop impressed me the most: he knew the truck up & down and asked if WE wanted to see under the truck so he put it on the lift. That's honest!
Craig Householder
I have been there twice and both times I found a vehicle in less than fifteen minutes. Saved me and my family money.
Wesley Banks
After three say of driving the car the battery went dead-probably from leaving the lights on. A new battery was installed at no charge even though it was my fault. Price was more than $2000 less than sticker we saw from other dealership.
Chuck & Nora Porter
I sab=ved money compared to other listings on similar vehicles.
Clayton Myers
We had a very good truck-buying experience. The whole staff was friendly and helpful. We saved money on the truck and we can save even more money on oil changes, inspections, and tire rotations.
Dean Shank
I was very pleased with the attention I was given and the personal service. I was given plenty of time to look over the vehicle, ask questions, and try it out. Everyone was fantastic.
Andrew Haun
I was very comfortable witht the sales staff. (You) helped with my trade-in and helped me stay within my budget
Patricia Brubaker
You guys do an awesome job. This is the second car I purchased from you and your sales people were as great as they were the first time. I saved money both times I purchased a car.
Lindsay Weller
Clean, friendly, low pressure...able to purchase a vehicle with no hassles.
Jay Combs
The associates went out of their way to help me get approved for the car I wanted and did not try to make me settle for something else. The sales associates gave me a very good dealon the car and then gave an even better deal so I could afford what I wanted when I was ina bind. Even the sales associates not siisting me were friendly and helpful.
Charity Stailey
We always feel as though we received a respectable deal. This is our fourth vehicle from Kyner's and all the free inspections and $10 oil changes really add up over the years.
Vincent Plotner
Brandon answered all questions...he was very nice and not only wanted to make sure you got the car you wanted but made sure you were happy afterwards by giving you a call a couple days after. I have never experienced that before!
Kylie Burnham
The salesman did almost everything in his power to help me out and keep me happy. I can appreciate that as a customer.
Alex Ramos
I am very well pleased with the company and the sales staff. I have never been pressured by any of (the Kyner's) staff in what car I should buy.
Evelyn Ross
Very satisfied. Cliff was upfront with the pros & cons of cehicles we were looking at. He listened to our concerns and addressed them. I only wish other small businesses had customer service half as good!
Heather & Micah Fowler
Everyone was wonderful. I saved money---the same car with more mileage at Fitzgerald Auto Mall was $1000 more. Also, other dealer couldn't tell me what part time 4-wheel drive is.
Christ Wahl
Excellent service-no pressure. Awesome trade-in value plus added bonus with oil changes and laoner car
Trinity Martin
I'm very satisfied and I really liked how (Kyner's) treated my family and I. They gave us a good deal on our 1995 Cavalier that we traded in on a 2004 Cavalier. I'm saving money, the gas mileage is a lot better and (Kyner's) gave us a little more than our car was worth.RyanRyan Eshleman helped us with our deal and got our daughter a nice looking car for a good deal.
Dennis Baker, Jr.
I could not have been treated better. (Kyner's) treats me like I'm really someone special and my business really matters to them.
Kathleen Beaston
The service department is always willing to give you prompt courtesy all the way. The truthfulness about the repairs--all up front.
Betty Wolfe
I felt at home and thought that all individuals we dealt with were friendly and I felt that they were doing anything they could to help get me into the car I wanted. Kyner's put me in a new car that I absolutely love.
Ashley Sellers
We feel good about our first buying experience with Kyner's. When in the market for another vehicle, we will look at Kyner's. (Cliff) was very helpful in getting us the info we requaested, explaining the seervice dept., oil changes, and getting the car ready for delivery.
Anthony & Deborah Wolf
Very friendly staff made us feel at home. Didn't feel pressured in any way & all was handled very professionally.
Bob & Melisa Bentley
I really enjoyed buying a car from Kyner's. Everyone was nice and respectful and didn't take advantage of me being a woman!
Ashley Mitchell
Very satisfied with staff and vehicles we have purchased. We had a dent in our Civic's right rear bumper and had a quote of over $650 to fix it. When we took he car to Kyner's for new brake pads, they pushed the dent out----at no cost to us!
Everyone was very friendly & helpful. (Kyner's) has the best prices for used vehicles in this area. Jason did not pressure us to buy anything, which impressed us! I will definately recommend (Kyner's) to others!!
Theresa Clugh
Jason helped me so much by getiing me the best deal possible. Jason treated me with much respect even though I'm only 19.
Kayla Kreeger
Everybody worked together to help me purchase the car I wanted at a reasonable price. Bill called numerous time to make sure that everything was going well with the car. That is customer service! Kyners, you guys are the best! I will be abck to buy my next car!
Tara Fahnestock
This is a excellent company as the customer comes first. The buyer is treated to very nice incentives.
Joe & Chris Bradley
The salesman was very polite and helpful. I feel I was treated fairly being a woman purchasing a car with no help from family or friends. Ryan (my salesman) was very patient with me and allowed me to come back a second time and test drive the car again. I feel I got a very good deal on my car. I also got a wonderful service deal w/ free inspections, tire rotations, and $10 oil changes. No one could beat that.
Trisha Brandt
I absolutely love the environment and the staff, it's a very comfortable atmosphere. It's professional yet laid back to the extent that people feel welcome. A few days after I purchased my car it had to be returned and serviced. Kyner's delivered me a (loaner) vehicle free of charge and transported my car back to the lot. Everyone was so helpful and understanding and they were right on top of things and called me back ASAP every time!
Bill luick took great care to meet my needs and did so in a professional manner. I had stopped by other dealers and no one even bothered to say 'hi'. Bill came right up, started talking to me and I left with an Explorer. The client privilages are a nice perk and the price was great!
Jason Greenawalt
(Kyner's) treated us like family. Friendly atmosphere, willing to make the deal and get done in a timely manner. Another dealership acted like they didn't even want to deal. Like it was a burden on them.
Robert Mellott
(Ryan) made me feel like a friend instead of just a customer.I have problems with my hips and legs. Ryan was very helpful trying different cars to see which ones that I could get into.
Ellen Hocter
(I) saved money, got a Mustang, and and building credit for future. Salesmen helped me understand everything going on.
Ryan Myers
I am very pleased with Kyner's and the service I received. I was treated with respect by all along with my ideas, financial needs, and car choices. There was always plenty of salespeople willing to answer my questions and willing to help me. I really like Kyner's
Ashley Eckenrode
I was treated very well by everyone I dealt with. When I pulled out of the dealership with my new car, it had a brakelight out that I was not aware of. I was called and informed 20 minutes later. I was very pleased by the honesty because it's not everywhere that someone would've called. I saved money and with all the benefits (oil changes, inspection, loaner car) you can't beat it!
Kara Walter
When I first visited (Kyner's), the salesperson did not pressure me to buy a car I did not want. I visited 10 other dealerships that day and every one of them pressured me about test-driving and purchasing. Friendly, considerate, no pressure, listened to my needs---the best sales experience that I have ever had.
Tina Barse
The sales staff at Kyner's were very helpful in providing all the necessary information to show which vehicles I was interested in. They put the customer first and gave me the space and time to decide confidently. Kyner's finalized the purchase honestly and reasonably. When I drove my newly purchesed car to my home state of Noth Carolina, I encountered and unusual and unexpected car malfunction. Kyner's, although 500 miles away, made it right and worked with me every step of the way and enabled me to have my car repaired cost-free.
Ross A. Dunkle
(I) was able to drive the vehicle several days before making decision to buy vehicle.
Charles W. Frame III
The sales staff (Ryan) was very patient as we tried to find the vehicle we were looking for. His services were second to none. The finance office called us after the deal was done to to inform us of a mistake in our deal that resulted in us being over-charged $100. (Kyner's) wanted to point this out to us and let us know that we would be refunded $100.The most important benefit to me was the straight forward way in which Kyner's does business.
Mike & Peggy McAloon
I would definately come back. I think (Kyner's) has a good reputation and very nice staff. When I decided on the vehicle I wanted, I just called Travis and he did the credit application and down payment over the hone.It was very convenient. We looked around and (Kyner's) had the best deals on what we wanted.
Amanda Vaughn
My parents bought my first cars from (Kyner's) and some of their own. I was happy with my car from the first time. It was nice and they were all very kind. I would go back
Alyssa Hinds
(Kyner's) is well run and has many features that no other dealer has to offer. Sales staff treated you like a person and tried to make sure you were getting the right car or truck at the right price. Kyner's had the lowest ad price in Cars By Dealers for truck we were looking for-did not have to fight to get the price down to what it should be. Got good trade-in value-no hassle. Everyone was helpful and went out of their way to make deal go as as fasy and painless as possible.
Sue Bohn - Hanover, PA
I needed a new car but put it off because I wasn't sure what I wanted. I met Arnie Miller on the lot and from there on it was like a friend and I were shopping. My schedule is hectic so without much time to browse Arena contacted me and I'd stop by at my convenience to test drive what he had found. Over a months time I found what I was looking for but only seemed like a few days. No pressure. The most helpful person was by far Arena Miller... his time, patience, honesty and getting me approved. The other salesmen were friendly to.
Bridget Poe
I like the company and I get good customer service every time I go there. Ryan Eshelman is a good saleman and got me a good deal.
Rayna Flyhe
Everyone was very nice. (I) received the trade I received the trade I thought I should get and a carfax made me feel better about purchasing from your dealership. Cliff Haupt and Shawn Haupt worked together to get us both of our deals.
April Ward
Everyone was great. Great looking car...low miles...one owner...I love it. Arnie Miller made things easier for me at a very stressful time.
Michelle Walde
Sales staff was happy to help...met us at the door. The most helpful person was our salesman (Bill Luick) because he help us out and was truthful about each truck we looked at.
Brian Breneman
The salesperson (Cliff Haupt) was very helpful in explaining everything to me.  I got the loan through PFCU which will help benefit my credit status.
Dreama Lopez
From a customer who has been dealing with us for 13 years... I have good feelings about your company's sales and service departments. Shawn Walker offered to come to Waynesboro to facilitate our latest purchase. Kyner's policies on state inspections and oil changes are a real incentive. Also, the discounting of prices for parts and the quality of work done by your service department. Kudos to Eric, Missy and the service staff!
Richard Seaks
Got the truck I wanted at the right price! (salesman-Cliff Haupt)
Ron Richards
Very satisfied-exceptional service. Saved money and time.
Jennifer Wakefield (customer since 2000)
I think it's a great company...treated great by the staff. I know I got a great car...
Christopher Speers
We feel like an everyday customer, like going to a coffee shop. We only but a car every couple of years but everyone remember our name and treats us with respect. The service benefits are the best possible.
Derek and Kristen Getic (customers since 1999)
Overall we were treated very nicely. Jason Poulin was nice, respectful and helpful. Very willing to answer our questions even when we called his cell phone after hours.
Dorsey Arnold
Staff was friendly and willing to help with an auto. Saved money-convenient location. (salesman - Travis Shuman)
Debra Baker
When I came in to find a new car the salesman (Arnie Miller) found something I really liked and I left with it the same day and didnt even have to go back to the bank.
Brittany Magruder
We were treated great! We got a fair deal-no hassles-friendly service. That's why we came back to Kyner's the second time when we needed another car. I like the extra perks such as the oil change & inspection coupons. Also, I like the full service-buying, financing, tags, title & service maintenance all at one place!
Joe & Laura Minteer Shippensburg PA
I was very pleased with your well-mannered staff. I wanted to take the car for a test drive but I had my daughter with me-(my salesman) helped put the car seat in the car and off we went! Shawn helped me understand all the paperwork I was signing. He went over everything in detail.
Tiffany Sweeney Chambersburg PA
(I Liked) the way the salemantalked to us. He did not try to pressure us, he worked with us. He did not try to rush us into making a decision. He was very friendly and answered all of our questions.
Roger Shadle Chambersburg PA
I felt really comfortable and (the salesman) did everything he could and more to get me the car of my dreams.He even worked on his day off! Plus, I really like the free inspection and all of the other stuff that came with the car.
Ryan Burkett Shippensburg PA
We were treated in a professional manner-it was a good experience. The salespeople worked together and used a friendly approach...didn't try to "force feed" us.
Doug and Pam Lentz Chambersburg PA
I thought the salesman, Bill Luick, was a quality guy-he explained everything to it's maximum qualifications and details. The finance department was also helpful as to what the deal was and how it was broke down. Overall, I would rate the service as commendable. Before I started shopping for a car, I had a set year, a price, and a certain type of car I was looking for. By shopping (at Kyner's) I was able to meet my standards on price and type of car-I saved a good bit of money.
Corey Jones Chambersburg PA
I would recommend Kyner's to anyone because (they) take their time with the customers and try to work out the best deal for (them). I never knew of a dealer that would take a whole family to test drive a vehicle. I had a great trade-in deal and got a lower interest rate.
Wendy Bowers Shippensburg PA
(Kyner's is) very professional and wants to make their clients happy. When I was able to drive away in my new car with a full tank of gas and a clean exterior and interior I was very happy. I was able to save money on the car I wanted to purchase and I was able to get the financing I needed for my car.
LaRya Straitiff Wellsville PA
I have only good things to say about the staff at Kyner's Auto Sales. The service department at Kyner's have always been very helpful, courteous and understanding. Plus good workmanship-that's a big factor in my continuing to buy my vehicles at Kyner's. I loved the friendly handling of all transactions and helpful hints about the new vehicle. (Kyner's) has changed my feelings about car salesmen. I feel I can trust (Kyner's).
Betty Wolfe Waynesboro PA
I went to other car lots and just left the lot. But I left (Kyner's) with a car! We actually walked off the lot pleased. I can not believe the owner of the lot gives as much as he gives! I was very pleased with our sales person. Anything we needed or ant questions we had he took his time and helped us.
Angela Connors Fayetteville PA
We feel that we saved money. We did look at other dealerships but we liked how we were treated and how our salesman was willing to work with us so we went back to Kyner's. I think we got a great deal.
Lillie Vinson Waynesboro PA
It was the first time I went to a dealership and didn't feel like I was being taken advantage of. The staff treated us with a lot of respect and took care of everything in a professional manner. I was given a very fair deal on the trade in of my vehicle and the free rire rotation and $9.95 oil changes can't be beat anywhere.
David Fridinger Shippensburg PA
The service was excellent, friendly and a very calm, relaxing atmosphere. It made me feel good that they were not worried about the commission but making sure I was happy with my choice!
Lindsey Miller Westminster MD
I've never bought a vehicle from a dealer. I had always bought mine privately so to be quite honest, I didn't have a clue what to expect. Other dealers I visited were so pushy and to be honest I kind of expected the same from Kyner's, but I was wrong. It was the first place that I felt like I had the upper hand. (The salesman) was great! He explained anything and everything about a car-buying experience and I told him where I needed my payments to be and he made it happen! Kyner's gave me $1000 more than anywhere else for my trade-in. I learned a lot about buying a car and I am very grateful.
Diedre Bishop Waynesboro PA
(We were) treated as VIP's-treated with respect, no pressure and an interest in OUR needs. We have never been treated this way in 25 years of car-buying. (We) saved a lot of money on the vehicle and got more than we thought on the trade-in!
Kathy Miller Shippensburg PA
I was treated with respect and there was a no-pressure atmosphere by the sales staff. I found a great car at a price I could afford. My salesman was very courteous and helpful.
Darrell Landis Chambersburg PA
(Our salesman) was very nice and answered all of our questions and helped us get the vehicle we wanted. We looked at the Explorer Friday night and by 1:30PM Saturday we were driving off the lot with it--very convenient, fast service!
William & Elaine Beaston Newburg PA
I fell I was treated the way I should be treated. Driving off (the) lot with my new Mustang made me very happy! My salesman kept me informed of everything that was going on with my deal and I got the car I wanted!
Michael Stevens Sharpsburg MD
The process was very efficient-we got a good deal, the cars were very clean and priced to sell. We really liked the no-hassle sale, the comfortable, clean office, friendly salesperson and the little perks after the sale!
Jeff & Jane Yoder Fayetteville PA
We are very happy about how we were treated and the interest in giving us the best deal. We got a very good trade-in on our old vehicle and the inspections and oil changes are wonderful!
Charles & Karen Hunt Fayetteville PA
I was very satisfied. Everyone was polite and willing to answer any questions I had. I paid less than Blue Book for a very good truck and it was clean inside and out!
Dustin Beaver Greencastle PA
(Kyner's) did everything possible to make us happy. We came (to Kyner's) looking to lower our monthly payments. Even though we owed a lot on our car, they made it happen!
Lonnie & Jessica Fisher Gettysburg PA
I was treated with respect. When you walk in, you automatically get a "hello" and I like that!
Nichole Potts Saint Thomas PA
I believe Kyner's is a great company! All employees are very helpful and understanding. I feel I couldn't have been treated ant better.
Tammy Conner Chambersburg PA
The sales staff was friendly and courteous without being pushy. I saved over $1000 over another dealer who called me several times a day-this was very annoying. The service offered after the sale is a very nice feature!
Kathi Stoner Fayetteville PA
I was treated very respectfully. There was no pressure to buy like I have experienced on other lots. I saved money-another dealer had the same type of vehicle for $800 more.
April Redcay Chambersburg PA
I felt that the salesmen and repairmen at Kyner's were friendly and honest. I would-and have-recommended them to friends. They made sure my car was in perfect working order from the fuel lines to the windshield wipers!
Frank & Karen Middaugh Chambersburg
(Kyner's is) very professional--NO PRESSURE! Plus, we are paying $60 less a month than what we had budgeted for!
James and Christina Faith Chambersburg PA
(Kyner's)made me feel like I was family. They helped me finance the vehicle with ease and made sure the vehicle was sound!
Ted Athey Fort Loudon PA
I've bought at least 4 cars from Kyner's-I shop constantly and I always know what cars are selling for-I always get a fair deal! Financing was handled easily, car was cleaned, and I appreciated the tank of gas!
Rick Humelsine Chambersburg PA
Everyone is friendly and eager to help sell you a vehicle, but not pushy! (Kyner's) gave us an excellent price for our trade-in and shopped around to give us the lowest possible financing rate!
Robert Straley Chambersburg PA
The staff were all professional, friendly and sincere. I was impressed with the clean-up of the vehicle as well. The purchase of my vehicle went smoothly and as expected without any hidden costs! No pressure!
Tracey Sanders Chambersburg PA
I was very pleased with the way our sale was handled and I would recommend friends who are in the market for a new-used vehicle to give (Kyner's) a chance at the sale. I purchased a very nice, new, very low-mileage vehicle for a very good price. I saved over $11,000 from the price of a new model similarly equipt.It looks good and even smells new!
Joe Bradley Waynesboro PA
The sales staff was kind, considerate and explained in detail everything that was asked (of them). Everthing possible was done to see that the loan went through so I could start building my credit and have my new car.
Ryan Kriner Mercersburg PA
I feel I got a good deal and a good warranty to give my wife and I peace of mind that any and all future business covering our vehicle would be handled promptly and professionally.
Robert Michels Littlestown PA
I am very pleased with my purchase. This is the second vehicle that I have purchased from Kyner's and likely not the last! I found exactly the car I wanted and got it at the price I was looking to pay.
April Kelso Mt. Holly PA
We are really satisfied with (Kyner's). (We) were treated great by the staff. Kyner's saved us money and helped us with a trade-in.
Emery & Susan Horn Orrstown
My family has been dealing with Kyner's for 17 years. I fell that Kyner's has one of the best car lots around and everytime I couldn't have been treated better!
Dolores Miller Payetteville PA
Excellent, large selection of domestics and imports, cars and pick-ups. I could look without being pressured-(there were)salespeople available but not a nuisance. Cars were clean and I was respected. I didn't look eleswhere.
Cleon Nyce Chambersburg PA
"You took the time to work with me and understand why I had to work in a small area of money. Not too many dealers would. Anyone else would've pushed me aside. It has happend to me."
Edna (Peggy) Word Chambersburg PA
"Ron's cooperative attitude and the fact he was there to show me what I wanted to see, not what he wanted to sell."
Fred Schenker Gettysburg PA
"Kyner's Auto Sales has a great selection of vehicles and the entire staff was very cordial and helpful."
John Emmons Chambersburg PA
"I was very pleased with your company. Everyone treated me like an old friend. I saved money on the price of my truck,and I save even more on free inspections, free tire rotation, free towing up to 35 miles, and oil changes for under $10.00"
Dennis R. Sites Fannettsburg PA
"I think you have a good company. I had that feeling by the way I was treated and by the amount of business I saw you doing."
Jeff Gilliland Hanover PA
"Sales staff was excellant-I've bought vehicles from other dealers and they weren't half as courteous to us as Kyner's Auto Sales."
Bill Anderson & Althea Hill McConnellsburg PA
"I am impressed by the friendly,honest sales staff and have recommended Kyner's to friends and family."
Joshua Busick Waynesboro PA
"I called Brian(Keyser)with our needs in a truck, within 24 hours he was able to locate a truck under our payment requirements.This is the second time Brian has found just what we wanted."
Debbie Lida Williamsport MD
"Ron Parsons was my salesman and he went over the inventory list several times with me, he wasn't pushy and helped me find the right vehicle in the right price range!"
Kiesha Moore Chambersburg PA
"We were pleased at how clean our car was when we picked it up."
Adam Coldsmith & Jackie Noss Newville PA
"Ron (Parsons) was a very honest, upfront salesman which I appreciated. Eric McKendrick was very helpful in the service dept. Thanks Ron & Eric for all your help."
Chris & Mike Dysinger Chambersburg PA
"Shawn Walker was very helpful with arranging the financing. He explained things very thoroughly. I am impressed with the people in your service department namely Eric McKendrick and Missy Brunner."
LLoyd Mellott Fayetteville PA
"I was very happy that you were able to get me fiananced so easily, since this was my first car."
Diana Varner Chambersburg PA
"Very friendly and professional-nice to deal with."
Gary & Deb Dudderar Blue Ridge Summit PA
"Quick financing-low payments-great service-good trade on my car.Management and sales staff are very helpful and do their best to help you find what you want"
James LaPlante
"You save lots of money! Sales people are very busy and take their time to show you the best buy."
Angel & John Rohrer Chambersburg PA
"Company and sales staff made us feel comfortable with our purchase. The purchase of our truck went quick & easy. I'm very satisfied with my truck."
Gary & Lori Decker Waynesboro,PA
I was satisfied and would come back again.
Nichole Mickey Chambersburg PA
I do like (Kyner's). They all treated me good.
Cathy Hall Mt.Holly
We were treated very well.
Steve & Wendy Grove Chambersburg PA
Everyone did a great job. I recieved more on my trade in & a new set of tires for my car.
Justin & Georgianna Clark Shippensburg PA